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(L to R) Jen Johnston, Don Basnight, Bill Mullen, Jay Parker, Clayton Nell, Blair Nell, Crystal Fisher, Gary Phillips, Louise Barnum & Terri Turner (Photo by Gretchen Mathison Photography)


The art of doing business is more than just buying and selling. We believe that business is about people; who they are, what they stand for, and what they contribute to the world. With that in mind, we want to tell you about the organizations that make a difference in our community.

The Abundance Foundation

The Abundance Foundation educates folks on sustainability through DIY Workshops, Tours of an Eco-Industrial Park, loads of events and anyway they can. Making learning fun is crucial and they weave festivity and good times throughout their programs. Their mission is: Building our local foodshed, modeling renewable energy and inspiring community.

Triangle Land Conservancy

Weaver Street Realty has been deeply involved in conservation efforts for the past 25+ years, donating and creating easements, referring landowners, writing conservation easement appraisals and fundraising for TLC. We do it because oxygen DOES grow on trees, and special places need to be protected for the future. Also check out the Conservation Trust link below.

Conservation Trust of NC

Folks who work to protect waterways, forests, farms, & mountain vistas for the benefit of future generations. Gary was on their board of counsel for over a decade.

Hispanic Liaison

Everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream, and immigrants have always brought precious gifts into American life. Si se puede!

Chatham Arts

Owner, Louise Barnum, was a founding member of this non-profit, which supports and highlights artists in our community.

Orange County Artists Guild

Former Weaver Street Broker, Monnda Welch, started the Orange County Artist Guild. Artists Supporting Artists.

Haw River Assembly

Folks who are committed to protecting our mighty Haw.

Weaver Street Market

Most of us have memberships to this co-op. We know local ownership creates stronger communities.

Chatham Marketplace

A sister co-op in Chatham County in an old mill in the sweet town of Pittsboro.

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

Weaver Street Realty played a key role in establishing this festival. We represented the sale of the land to the Festival folks. You'll find Gary, Louise, Gail and Marie there every year manning the coffee booth, performing or just having a blast.

Carolina Friends School

Jay's two daughters blossomed at CFS. The school is committed to affirming Quaker faith and practice in the nurture and education of young persons.

Family Violence & Rape Crisis Services of Chatham County

Promoting peaceful homes, safe communities, and empowering individuals and families to heal from domestic and sexual violence. We volunteer and contribute financially to their work.


Students United for a Responsible Global Environment. They regularly sponsor events that promote solar energy, green building, and environmental awareness.

Democracy NC

Gary was a founding board member. The organization connects progressive minds to address social, economic, and environmental issues that affect us all.

Chatham Habitat for Humanity

Building houses and changing lives.

The small house movement

How we live says a lot about who we are.


Be part of the solution.