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Bill Mullen

Broker, GRI, Eco-Broker

(Interview by Sami Grover) (Photo by Gretchen Mathison Photography)

“I’ve always had a thing for a beautiful piece of land. Not just what it looks like now, but what it has the potential to be, what it can become!. As soon as I walk onto a property, I get a sense of what could be done with it – and that helps me guide both buyers and sellers to the best result.”

Bill is not a Triangle native, but he may as well be. His family moved from Champaign Illinois when he was 4, and he has lived in and around the Chapel Hill area ever since. After graduating high school, Bill attended college in Southern Pines to study architectural engineering. He then moved home to explore his love of the land and started a landscaping company with his brother.

Fourteen years later, “creative differences” helped the brothers move ahead and Bill followed his heart and started his career in real estate!

A love of land, a love of people

Bill’s obsession with land, and what good land has to offer, led him to Weaver Street Realty. He was already a regular fixture at our auctions, so after years of holding a real estate license, Bill asked Gary, Jay and Louise about joining the team. Asked what makes Weaver Street different, Bill doesn’t hesitate:

“We actually work as a team. I know that my colleagues will help me out and we can count on each other to help our clients too. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Solitude is not far away

It’s not just Weaver Street’s company ethos that keeps Bill here – but the community we serve too. What makes the area special when it comes to real estate, says Bill, is the close connections between town and country.

“You can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, and be only minutes away from campus. On the other hand, you can live right in town like I did for many years, and still get out to the countryside in a matter of minutes. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Sometimes it is best to wait

Bill pauses when asked what he’d say is the most important thing to keep in mind when getting into the buying or selling process:

“I’ve probably talked myself out of a lot of business over the years,” he laughs “but really, I’d advise people to think long and hard about whether they are ready to buy. Sometimes it makes sense to rent for a year first and get your bearings. If you're new to the area, sometimes the best thing I can do is to help someone not to buy!”

Empowering the right move

Despite all of Bill’s talk of loving the land, there is a very people-centric approach to what he does. Working in a community that is rife with creative, hard-working and big-dreaming people, Bill sees his primary role as helping to enable people to live the lives they want to lead:

“Seeing the potential in land or property is one thing, but also understanding the potential in people is quite another. Taking the time to get to know clients, and what they are looking for, is a huge part of what I do. That, and then being patient enough to find the right property, or the right buyer, under the right circumstances, and bringing it all together.”

The fact that Bill remains good friends with many of his former clients suggests he’s doing something right.