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Clayton Nell
Maintaining a common sense approach to valuing a home, and how you sell it, is in everybody’s best interests. The nice thing about Weaver Street Realty is that everyone seems to get that.


Blair Nell
Listening and hearing are not necessarily the same thing. I "hear" what my clients' priorities are and I do my best to help them achieve their goals.


Terri Turner
Broker & Business Manager
I love meeting new people and go out of my way to help them on their path, wherever it's headed. I am a firm believer in paying it forward.


Bill Mullen
I've always had a thing for a beautiful piece of land. Not just what it looks like now, but what it has the potential to be.


Don Basnight
Chapel Hill and Carrboro are not “real-estate friendly” in the same way that Cary is. You’re not going to find sprawling subdivisions or high-rises going up without careful scrutiny – and that’s why I love being in real estate here.


Louise Barnum
I’m not from the Triangle, but it is where I did the best part of my growing up. It’s where I discovered new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing things. It’s where I found independence, and the power of community.


Gary Phillips
Gary Phillips is a writer, naturalist and entrepreneur. He has a special interest and expertise in conservation easements and other land-protective strategies.


Jay Parker
Being professional doesn’t mean doing what everyone else does. In fact, true professionalism often means forging your own path.


Buying or selling a home, or land, is a life-changing event. And like most life-changing events, it’s best to go through it with someone who can support and guide you through the ups and downs. Hopefully they can even help you have fun in the process.

For that reason, we recommend finding a realtor that is not just best suited to your real estate needs, but to your worldview too. So here’s a little bit about who we are and what we believe – click through for more detailed profiles:

Louise Barnum

Partner, GRI, ABR, CRS
Has called Chatham County home since 1972

Louise Barnum Broker

Belief: I believe in using clotheslines, turning your lawn into pollinator gardens, and not keeping up with any Jones'. I believe people step into our lives for a reason; so we teach and learn from one another. I believe in miracles and in manifesting your dreams.

Background: Originally from Kinston, NC and a graduate of UNC, Louise became a partner here in 1987.

Favorite Causes: CORA food pantry

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Bill Mullen

Broker GRI Certified Eco-Broker Chapel Hill resident since 1959

Bill Mullen Broker

Belief: Working in a community that is rife with creative, hard-working and big-dreaming people, Bill sees his primary role as helping to enable people to live the lives they want to lead.

Background: Born in Chicago, Bill moved here when he was a wee bitty baby. He owned a business with his brother and "creative differences" led him to leave that business and join Weaver Street Realty.

Favorite Causes:

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Don Basnight

Orange Co. resident since before he was born.

Don Basnight, Broker

Belief: It’s so nice working for a company where there is no corporate line that says I can’t oppose a development that I feel is wrong. In fact, we have been very explicit about the kind of development that we feel is good for the community – we’ve even turned down deals that don’t fit the bill.

Background: To say that Don is a native of Chapel Hill is somewhat of an understatement. In fact, on his mother’s side his family goes back 6 or 7 generations – right back to the original land grants.

Favorite Causes: SECU Family House

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Clayton Nell

Broker, Eco-Broker
New father to Miriam

Clayton Nell Broker

Belief: Our role is not just to help folks buy or sell houses. It’s also about providing an objective, honest opinion. Sometimes that means telling a client what they don’t want to hear.

Background: Originally from Richmond, Clayton settled in the Triangle after a stint in Portland. It is the artistic, free thinking nature of this area that make him feel at home.

Favorite Causes: C.A.R.E

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Jay Parker

Partner, Broker In Charge
Has called NC home since 1978

Jay Parker Broker

Belief: Being professional doesn’t mean doing what everyone else does. In fact, true professionalism often means forging your own path.

Background: Jay grew up in Levitt Town – the first true American suburb – and he often cites that experience as a formative influence on his views on real estate.

Favorite Causes: PTA Thrift Shop

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Gary Phillips

Founder, Broker
Licensed auctioneer, former Chatham County Commissioner

Gary Phillips Broker

Belief: I listen to the land, love skillfully built environments and practice deep service to my clients. Weaver Street Realty has been my creative home for 3 decades

Background: Gary left the mountains in 1972 to become a student at UNC and has loved the community ever since. He lives in a lovely earth house in Silk Hope.

Favorite Causes: Dogwood Alliance
Abundance Foundation

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Terri Turner

Business Manager
Member, Economic Sustainability Commission, Town of Carrboro

Terri Turner, Broker and Business Manager

Belief: Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for. AROO!

Background: A member of the Weaver Street Realty family since 2001. I am part of the Yankee migration to the South. Sorry ya'll.

Favorite Causes: Coalition to Unchain Dogs

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Blair Nell


Blair Nell, Broker

Belief: Good listening skills lead to the best results

Background: Born in the Sandhills of NC, Blair came to Chapel Hill as an undergraduate and like many others, decided to make our community her home.

Favorite Causes: Carolina for Kibera

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Crystal Fisher

Broker, Accredited Buyer's Representative, Certified Housing Counselor

Crystal Fisher, Broker, ABR

Belief: Leave no stone unturned.

Background: An army brat born in Texas but raised in Fayetteville. Moved to Chapel Hill in '91 to attend school. Crystal has worked in the non-profit sector for the last 10 years.

Favorite Causes:

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